It wasn’t the buzz of the brush on my teeth

or the hum of the car with the wheel in my hands

or the washing machine ringing clean in my ears,


the song of my soul is C#.


It isn’t the chatter of clattering children,

It isn’t the murmur of fans in the bathroom,

It isn’t the whirr of the office computer,

the song of my soul is C#.


I take down my worries and put up defences;

I listen to truth and I whisper a prayer,

I medicate, meditate, play and procrastinate,

the song of my soul is C#.


When all else is quiet and simple and still

and when others are busy but I’ve had my fill

I listen and there in my soul rings a note

(it is always the same)

like a wail, or a plea, or a longing to be

something fuller, or deeper

more meaningful still.

It is there in the noise

It is there when I’m quiet

and I find it a comfort, confronting confusion.

Yes –

the song of my soul is C#.


I am yearning for wholeness

and yearning for healing;

longing for holiness

(body and mind).

I don’t know the reason my soul


like a deep wordless groan

always singing C#.


Like a blanket around me,

it comforts and covers.

And this singing continues

when life’s out of focus

(I’m blinded and aching);

the calling rings out

in my bones and my heart.

My soul has an anchor

reminding and finding me –

Somebody’s listening

to the song of C#.


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