Who is Lucy Marfleet?


I am an author, encourager and educator. I think widely and try to tell the truth in imaginative ways.

I care deeply about family life, food, finding patterns and faith lived out through social justice. My husband Matthew and I have two children: Elizabeth (born 2007), known as Lily and Joseph (born 2010) and we live near Cambridge in England. I am currently working on a fiction manuscript which is academically informed.

I have degrees in Theology from Durham University and the International Baptist Theological Seminary (Biblical Studies). I am also a trained teacher and have worked in schools and prisons. My writing stems from a passion for the Old Testament and for those on the edges. I wrote a personal blog at jamandgiraffes from 2006 until 2018 and love writing and thinking about words and language.

Do ask me questions and come back and see how my writing project is progressing.

What are you working on now?

Several things! A couple of books, various blog posts and series. I have a piece published in the Association of Christian Writers’ Lent Book: New Life, released 2018. Click on the image to take you to the Amazon link.

Lent Book cover

Where are your ‘Lucy Interviews…’ articles?

These were published monthly on the Families First blog, as follows:

David (the musician)

Eve (the evictee)

Sarah (the older mum)

Samson (the strongman)

The Magi (the star-spotters)

Esther (the beauty queen)

Job (the suffering man)

Rachel (the rejected bride)

Naaman (the minor celebrity)

Peter (the chatterbox)

The Sandwich Lady

Ruby (the wonder-wife).

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